PhD position at IFOM, Milan

One PhD position is available in the group of 'Quantitative biology of cell division' in IFOM, Milan.

 One PhD position is available in the group of ‘Quantitative biology of
 cell division’ in IFOM, Milan. Our group works investigates how cells
 react when cell proliferation cannot be completed. We address this topic
 at different time-scales, from few hours (using live-cell microscopy and
 microfluidic devices) to several weeks (with laboratory evolution
 experiments). We focus our attention particularly on the mechanisms of
 chromosome segregation, which are altered by drugs routinely used to
 treat cancer patients. Our final goal is to uncover mechanisms of
 resistance to drug treatment. We use an interdisciplinary approach which
 combines molecular and cell biology with mathematical models and data
 analysis. Our group hosts scientists from different backgrounds, from
 biology to physics and mathematics.

 The project is based on a recent publication of ours (Pavani et al, Cell
 Reports, 2023), where we showed that cells are able to learn from
 multiple rounds of treatment. The candidate will further explore this
 research line. The project primarily entails experimental work, and
 knowledge of handling mammalian cells is a big plus. The student will be
 based in Milan and enrolled in the PhD program at Pazmany Peter Catholic
 University. If interested, please send a letter of interest, 2 letters
 of recommendation, and grades of your university exams to
 Selected candidates will be invited to to spend a trial period in our
 lab, before entering the PhD school.